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What does supervision address?

As a coach people often ask me, do I have a coach? When there are areas of my life I’ve want to shift in some way, I sometimes use a coach. It’s even possible I might use a coach for my coaching work, if, for example, I wanted to make a change to my business in some way. Supervision though offers different. Where coaching takes as its focus a ‘goal’ the coachee wants to work on, supervision takes as its focus as ‘the work’ of the coach. I see my supervision as holding a space in which a coach can explore, examine, play and experiment with who they are as a coach, what that means for the relationships they form, the energy they offer and the skills they use in service of their coachees.

Supervision can cover a range of issues that manifest in your coaching work. There may be, for example issues around:

  • Utilising the skills you have as a coach – Are you using them effectively? Could you be using other tools? Have you slipped into old favourites when alternative approaches might be more appropriate? Are there core competencies that need some attention?
  • Your perceptions of your coachees – How do you see your clients presenting to you? What assumptions are you making? What are you resisting exploring? What might you have missed?
  • The quality of relationship between you and your coachee – What are you conscious of? What is hidden in this relationship? Where might need attention? Is there a need to re-contract? Are there ethical challenges?
  • The impact of your coaching on yourself – How energised do you feel before, during and after coaching? Are you able to draw boundaries effectively? Where do you need to develop?
  • The wider professional and organisational context of your coaching – How is the context of the coaching shaping the quality of the relationship? Is there a need to revisit professional codes of conduct? Do you need to pay attention to your business? Is there business development support you need?