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Student Life

Coaching can be a way to get more out of your university experience.

Coaching for students works on two levels. The first is working with you as a whole person, focusing on areas such as confidence, motivation, balance, responsibility, focus, the inner critic, your resilience.   The second level focuses on particular challenges you are facing, for example exploring how you plan and organise your work, approaching writing essays, exams, or dissertations, getting the most out of university life, managing parents or other relationships, thinking about the future etc.

Please visit my youtube channel for videos that support students find balance, resilience and well-being.

Worried about Failing?

Coaching is available by face-to-face, telephone and Skype. Contact me for a no-obligation 30 minute call to find out how coaching might work for you and, if so, whether I’m the right coach or can recommend someone else.