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Work and Career

My approach is to use coaching as a supportive yet challenging intervention that provokes you to explore and take actions that will shift your experience of work and help you achieve what you define to be important.

Work life can be exciting, stimulating, rewarding, full of inspiration and possibility.  At the same time the pressures can be immense and it can be difficult to hold onto what you really value.

Coaching can help you to work in a way that honours the values that brought you into your work, to be clear on how and where to prioritise your energy, to find constructive ways to work with colleagues, to be solid in making strategic decisions about your future, to feel fulfilled in what you achieve.

Coaching can also help to explore alternative pathways and find the creativity and courage to develop alternatives.

Coaching is available by face-to-face, telephone and Skype. Contact me for a no-obligation 30 minute call to find out how coaching might work for you and, if so, whether I’m the right coach or can recommend someone else.

As a coach and through my research I’ve worked with professionals from many backgrounds (for example in health, environment, engineering, social care, teaching) and recognise, and can work with, productive tensions between change ‘within’ you and the systemic context shaping your professional work-life.